What is possible
with our coating technology?

It's OIKE's mission to attach new value onto your products.
--- Design and Function
Take a look inside OIKE coating world.

  • 01Adhere/Peel off

    Wet coating of resin enables either adhesion or peeling off. The coating can be modified to suit the purpose such as firm adhesion or repeated adhesion and peeling off. The coating makes possible peeling off in addition to adhesion, even clean peeling off or easy peeling off possible.

  • 02Transmit/Barrier

    Metal or resin coating can allow or inhibit transmission of necessary "object" such as light, electricity, electromagnetic waves, oxygen, water. A coating can even serve both "transmit" and "barrier" functions at the same time, such as light transmission and heat reflection.

  • 03Protect

    Coating can be used to protect from impact, scratches, oxidization and so on. In addition, coating can prevents deterioration in advance such as rust and corrosion, or keep a surface clear of fingerprints (oily residue) to enable easy wiping off.

  • 04Resist

    Coating can attach robustness to resist external factors such as scratching, bending, UV light, and chemicals over a long period.

  • 05Decorate

    Gold, silver, and metal yarns produced with coating can be incorporated not only into Japanese clothing, western clothing and national costumes but also into living items such as curtains and wallpaper. Precious metal yarn made by applying a coating of real gold, platinum or other precious metal imparts high added value and adds a touch of brilliance.

  • 06Transfer

    By combining coating technology with other peripheral technology such as transferring, possible to transfer a function onto an object or transfer metallic decoration onto an object to be brilliant. Transfer technology can be used to change the texture of an object.