Commissioned processing service

With our experienced operating system and highly skilled staff, we process and produce products with specifications to meet your needs.

Oike Industrial Group has on its premises a range of high speed film vapor depositing facilities, sputtering facilities for elaborate surface coating, and a vast variety of wet coating facilities. With our experienced converting technology and variety of coating facilities, we are ready to processing service to meet wide range of customer's requirements.

Processing capability

Dry coating

Base material
PET, PEN, PP, PI, PU, PMMA, NY, fabric, metallic foils, paper
Thickness of base material
4μm to 250μm
Properties and Functions
Metal, compounds, multi-layer can be processed
with thickness 5 to 150 nm
Gas barrier properties

Wet coating

Base material
Thickness of base material
12μm to 250μm

Properties and Functions
Anti-reflection, Anti-glare, Anti-newton, Low-interference, Anti-static, IR filtering, UV filtering, Release processing, variety of hard coatings

Processing and production flow

  • 01


    Please contact us for details.

  • 02


    Our sales and technical experts will find out what you need in detail.

  • 03

    Design and prototyping

    Our highly experienced staff will look after your product. We can offer support from the entire Oike Industrial Group according to your needs.

  • 04

    Large scale test with production unit

    After base design fixed with prototyping, large scale test is done in production unit for mass production.

  • 05


    Provide you with the product that meets your requirements.

Our facilities

  • Vapor deposition units

    Form a nanometer level thin layer of material, such as a metal, oxide or sulfide, on a film substrate. The coating material is vaporized by heating in a vacuum chamber at a pressure of 10-2Pa or less. Vacuum deposition makes it possible to add various properties (such as those of metals) onto the coated substrate.

    Vapor deposition system

    Resistance heating, High-frequency induction heating, Electron beam heating

  • Sputtering units

    In a vacuum condition (pressure of 10-1PA or less), ionized high-energy particles are shot at the target to make the elements constituting the target sputter out. These units then form the thin layers on the surface of the film with these particles. This makes it possible to form layers using high-melting-point materials or alloys, which are not easily processed with in vapor deposition units.

    Sputtering systems

    DC magnetron/MF magnetron

  • Wet coating units

    With various coating systems, apply thin layers of coating fluid of organic or inorganic compounds onto film substrates to produce functional layers.

    Coating systems

    Gravure coating, Reverse coating, Kiss reverse gravure coating, Die coating

Background behind product development

The developer's voice
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