ELgee neo

This is a light, very bright metallic powder product that is produced by a vacuum vapor deposition method. Aluminum vapor layer is encompassed by protective layer which can be colorized by pigmenting agents and this product enables a colorful metallic luminosity.


  • Clear luminosity typical of metallic vapor deposition
  • Excellent concealing properties
  • Excellent physical properties such as heat resistance, solvent resistance and weatherability


Coatings, inks, kneaded resins, molded products


Domestic appliances, automotive, construction, cosmetics


Particle sizes: #35, #100, #150, #200, #325, #500


Is the color variation from metal?

The color variation is not from metal. There is a resin layer at each side of the aluminum deposition layer, and we can achieve a variety of colors by adding color pigment to the resin layers.

How does ELgee neo differ from LeafPowder?

LeafPowder is a powder of metal itself, whereas ELgee neo has resin layers to make different types of design and physical properties.